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Sunday, July 17, 2011
Pasadena, California

            A standing-room-only crowd of nearly 200 Reliquarians was on hand for the 2011 Induction Day ceremony for the Shrine of the Eternals on Sunday, July 17, 2011. The thirteenth annual ceremony was held in the Donald R. Wright Auditorium at the Pasadena Central Library, and it was certainly one of the most memorable in recent years. The 2011 inductees – Ted Giannoulas, Pete Gray, and Maury Wills – were elected by the membership of the Baseball Reliquary in voting conducted in April 2011, and they received the highest number of votes from a ballot consisting of fifty candidates.
The Keynote Address was delivered by Jean Hastings Ardell. The ceremony also featured the presentation of the 2011 Hilda Award to Chris Erskine and the 2011 Tony Salin Memorial Award to Paul Dickson.
For additional coverage of the ceremony, see Don Malcolm’s article, “No unlucky 13 for the Baseball Reliquary,” posted on July 21, 2011 on The Hardball Times Web site.

~ All Photographs Courtesy of Jeff Levie ~

Nancy Hotaling and Kevin Brechner

Baseball Reliquary videographers Nancy Hotaling and Kevin Brechner get the microphones prepared at the podium prior to the start of the festivities.


Terri Metcalf-Yzaguirre and Liz Woo

Early arrivals purchase Reliquary memberships and paraphernalia from Terri Metcalf-Yzaguirre (foreground) and Liz Woo.

Maury Wills

Almost as soon as the auditorium doors were opened, Reliquarians began lining up to speak with Maury Wills and have memorabilia signed by the new Shrine inductee.


Maury Wills and Emma Amaya

Reliquarian and Dodger fan Emma Amaya is delighted to spend a few minutes with Maury Wills before the ceremony begins.


Ted Giannoulas

Ted Giannoulas, attired in full Chicken regalia, responds to a rousing ovation as he arrives at the auditorium.


Terry Cannon

Now we’re off and running, as the Baseball Reliquary’s Executive Director, Terry Cannon, rings a cowbell in memory of Hilda Chester to commence the festivities.


Jon Leonoudakis

Baseball fan, filmmaker, and lead singer and guitarist for The Bluez Express and Johnny Octane & The Carburetors, Jon Leonoudakis presents his versions of the National Anthem and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


Chris Erskine

Chris Erskine, the popular Los Angeles Times columnist whose wide-ranging observations on the national pastime always come from the perspective of a fan, accepts the 2011 Hilda Award.


Terry Cannon and Paul Dickson

Master of ceremonies Terry Cannon greets Paul Dickson as he comes to the stage to accept the 2011 Tony Salin Memorial Award for his commitment to the preservation of baseball history.


Paul Dickson

A most worthy recipient of the Salin Award, Paul Dickson has authored many important baseball books, including The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to baseball terminology ever compiled.


Jean Hastings Ardell

A freelance writer and baseball historian, Jean Hastings Ardell presents the 2011 Keynote Address for the Shrine of the Eternals.


Andy Strasberg

Andy Strasberg, who worked for 22 years for the San Diego Padres in a variety of advertising, marketing, and promotional capacities, introduces Ted Giannoulas.  During his tenure, Strasberg collaborated with Giannoulas for many memorable events and routines.


Ted Giannoulas, The San Diego Chicken (The Famous Chicken)

Ted Giannoulas, The San Diego Chicken (The Famous Chicken)

One of baseball’s greatest entertainers as The San Diego Chicken (or The Famous Chicken), Ted Giannoulas accepts his induction into the Shrine of the Eternals. The Chicken is one of the most popular and iconic of the mascots that became staples of major league baseball teams in the 1970s.


Nelson Gary

Nelson Gary, Jr., of Atlanta, Georgia, accepts the induction of the late one-armed outfielder Pete Gray, who played for the St. Louis Browns in 1945 and remains the lasting symbol of baseball and World War II. Like Pete Gray, Gary lost his right arm as a young boy and went on to excel in baseball at the prep and collegiate levels.  Gary became a national celebrity himself in 1944 when, at the age of three, he and his parents, courtesy of the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper, traveled by train from Los Angeles to Memphis to meet his baseball hero, Pete Gray, thus beginning a lifelong friendship with the outfielder.


Fred Claire

Maury Wills is introduced by Fred Claire, a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ front office from 1969 through 1998 and the team’s general manager from 1987 until 1998.


Maury Wills

Maury Wills

Universally credited with returning the stolen base as an offensive weapon to the National League in the 1960s, a period in which he led the Dodgers to three World Series appearances, Maury Wills accepts his induction into the Shrine of the Eternals.

Nelson Gary

Nelson Gary visits with Reliquarians after the ceremony.

Fred Claire and Maury Wills

Fred Claire and Maury Wills reminisce.

Ted Giannoulas

Ted Giannoulas and Doug Salin

Ted Giannoulas signs autographs and poses with Doug Salin.

Andy Strasberg and Ted Giannoulas

Andy Strasberg and Ted Giannoulas pose for a photograph.

Nelson Gary

Nelson Gary relaxes after a memorable afternoon.



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