Bazaar Baseball, October 15, 2016

The Baseball Reliquary and Institute for Baseball Studies were among the more than 80 exhibitors at the 11th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar, held on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library.  The Reliquary and Institute shared adjoining tables, and presented displays featuring Los Angeles baseball icons Steve Bilko and Emmett Ashford, and several photos from a recent donation related to women’s baseball history. The two organizations also sponsored the 2016 Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Blowing Championship, which drew dozens of entrants; the winners were Evelyn Lopez (juvenile) with an 8-1/8” bubble, and Alex Olvera (adult) with a 7” bubble.  The TMJ Award (presented to an entrant suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome) went to Leslie Mylius with a 6” bubble.  All entrants agreed to waive any legal action against the Baseball Reliquary and Institute for Baseball Studies for jaw pain or disorders that might result from their participation in the contest.  Special thanks to Emma Amaya, Greg Jezewski, Joe and Bonnie Price, and Brianna Sahagian for their support of the contest, and for their assistance throughout the day working the tables for both the Baseball Reliquary and Institute for Baseball Studies.  We are already looking forward to next year’s event!  In the meantime, we are pleased to share a few photos from this year’s festivities.








Left: The Baseball Reliquary and Institute for Baseball Studies had adjoining tables at the 11th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar.  Right: Los Angeles baseball icons Emmett Ashford and Steve Bilko were featured in the display.








Left: “Bazooka Brand” was one of three Ben Sakoguchi paintings included in the display.  Right: Entrants in the 2016 Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Gum Blowing Championship could use up to five pieces of Bazooka bubble gum. Over 400 pieces of gum were chewed throughout the day.








Left: Greg Jezewski prepares to use the nifty caliper he made for measuring the size of the bubble. Right: At the peak of the bubble, the caliper was fixed, then a tape measure was employed to obtain the size of the bubble in inches.










Karla Bluestone gives it her best shot.  Every entrant in the competition received a complimentary pouch of Big League Chew.










Left: Alex Olvera wins the competition for adults with this 7″ bubble.  Right: Greg Jezewski and his caliper take a well-deserved break in the action. After the competition, Greg donated the caliper to the Baseball Reliquary, where it will be added to its collection of prized artifacts.










Left: Lots of activity at the Baseball Reliquary and Institute for Baseball Studies tables.  Right: Adrienne Bratton, Emmett Ashford’s daughter, with historian Amy Essington, whose book on the history of integration in the Pacific Coast League is forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press.








Left: Joe Price, co-director of the Institute for Baseball Studies, and Brianna Sahagian with Adrienne Bratton. Adrienne, who recently donated her collection of her father’s memorabilia to the Institute for Baseball Studies, holds Emmett Ashford’s 2008 Shrine of the Eternals induction plaque. Right: Brianna Sahagian, a Whittier College POET Intern, shares the work she has been doing in creating finding aids for research collections at the Institute for Baseball Studies.








Left: The juvenile bubble blowing competition really heated up when this group of high school students arrived.  Right: Here’s the first attempt by 16-year-old Evelyn Lopez.








Here’s the second, and winning, effort by Evelyn Lopez. She won the juvenile category, and the day’s competition, with an 8-1/8″ bubble. She chewed three pieces of bubble gum in blowing the day’s biggest bubble.








Left: Emma Amaya, the “Dodger Fan of the Year,” shares the spotlight with Evelyn Lopez. Both the juvenile and adult winners received a signed copy of Gary Joseph Cieradkowski’s book The League of Outsider Baseball: An Illustrated History of Baseball’s Forgotten Heroes as their prize. Right: The newly crowned Bubble Gum Blowing Champions of Los Angeles are Alex Olvera and Evelyn Lopez.








Left: Leslie Mylius won the TMJ Award, presented to an entrant suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome. Right: Leslie’s winning bubble was measured at an impressive six inches.










Left: Leslie’s prize was a pack of one-of-a-kind baseball card collages by Los Angeles-based artist Pat Riot, renowned for his chewed bubble gum baseball portraits. Right: The baseball card pack included a mini-booklet of Pat Riot’s collages.


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